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Glossary of Construction Terms Used in Home Construction, Home Improvements, and Home Remodeling.

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Terms used in Aging in Place & Special Needs Remodeling, Basement Remodeling A Brand New Look at an Old Option, Design and Build Home Remodeling, Foundation Service, Green Building & Sustainability, Kitchen And Bath Remodeling, Structural Repair, Total Home Remodeling, and Egress Windows.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)
HVAC systems are crucial in residential and commercial buildings for maintaining comfortable indoor environments. These systems control the temperature, humidity, and air quality. Heating systems include furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps, which provide warmth. Ventilation systems ensure a constant influx of fresh air and the removal of stale air, which is vital for health and comfort. Air conditioning systems, ranging from central systems to window units, cool indoor spaces. HVAC systems also include ductwork, filters, and thermostats, which require regular maintenance for efficient operation.

In construction, a header is a structural element used in framing windows, doors, and other openings in a building. Headers are horizontal beams placed at the top of an opening to distribute the weight from the structure above, preventing the opening from collapsing. They are typically made of wood or steel and are crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of walls.

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Construction glossary term - HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)
Construction glossary term - Hardwood

A term commonly used to refer to wood from deciduous trees. Hardwoods, such as oak, maple, and cherry, are often used in high-quality furniture, flooring, and cabinetry due to their durability and attractive appearance. Each type of hardwood has unique characteristics, including grain patterns and hardness, which influence its application and finish.

Hip Roof
A type of roof where all sides slope downwards to the walls, usually with a fairly gentle slope. Hip roofs are stable and durable, offering excellent resistance to high winds and heavy snow. This roof style allows for more attic space and provides a uniform appearance on all sides of the building.

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