Total Home Remodeling By MBK

Total Home Remodeling enables you to build your dream home without having to move out and sell your current residence.

The problem is that organizing a complete home remodel is a big process, and making sure you choose the best options can be intimidating.

With that said, MBK employs a process to make this easy, and yes, it can also be a lot of fun.

And it is crucial to get the process correct the first time when organizing a Total Home Remodel.

Because of our long history in the industry and our Design and Build service, MBK Constructors is the company of choice for homeowners looking to minimize risk and aggravation. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt our owner is a construction engineer.

Whole Home Remodeling Considerations

The decision to remodel your entire home should be carefully thought out because it’s not a simple project that can be stopped and started again at any time.

And while it is possible to remain living in the home, there will be some level of inconvenience.

Below is an abbreviated list of total home remodeling tasks to begin the process.

1. Plan with an eye on the future, perhaps the most important task of all.

Complete Home Remodels demand a substantial time and financial commitment, and the high-quality work provided by MBK will last a lifetime and beyond.

Therefore, it’s crucial to consider how life may change in the years to come. Children will grow up and many are living with parents well after they become adults.

And ease of access may come into play as our parents may come to live out their final years with you.

2. Plan out the financing, this will determine your remodeling options.

On-Time and On-Budget are much more than a marketing phrase at MBK. It is one of the hallmarks of our business model and one of the reasons we have been in business for nearly 3 decades.

The methods for financing a total home remodel are wide and ever-increasing. Using savings is often the best choice but a “Home Equity Line of Credit” or HELOC is often a homeowner’s 1st choice.

But, whatever your choice MBK can help with all phases of estimating the total cost of your project.

3. Select Design and Decor

What kind of appearance would you like for your newly remodeled home?

The interior and exterior possibilities are endless with Total home remodeling because it provides for a total design makeover.

4. Think about the amenities.

Consider the following. Main floor master bedrooms, Garage Loft Apartment, Built-Ins, such as entertainment elements, Electric Vehicle charging stations, Solar Panels, Water and Air purification, Security elements such as a safe room, or even a greenhouse addition.

Before and after image of front exterior of house that underwent renovation