The Ultimate Guide to Structural Repair

Our guide to structural repair is crucial to maintain or restore an asset to a condition that ensures continuing safe usage and preserves its value after structural deterioration. Here at MBK, we are experts at dealing with residential structural issues.

As a specialized contractor, MBK collaborates with asset managers and owners to provide customized solutions to homeowners, other contractors, and architects creatively and economically, that strike a balance between budget, security, reliability of the system, efficacy, and endurance.

Owner Mike Hagen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Engineering from Lawrence Technological University along with a Master’s Degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan and has helped in solving numerous structural work issues for more than 27 Years through this company.

Why It’s Important?

Unchecked degradation of old or damaged structures can cause dangerous circumstances, a significant operating risk, and even collapse. Moreover, early deterioration is swiftly brought on by corrosion, wear, erosion, or inadvertent damage. Even structures that are well constructed and kept up-to-date eventually require some repair work to return to a usable state. Such deterioration can result in levels of risk for users that are intolerable as well as the downfall of entire structures if it goes unnoticed or unchecked. Thus, Our company provides creative repair solutions that meet the highest quality standards while taking into account the limitations of each specific job.

Additionally, In order to control financial risks and the safety of users and operators, MBK constructors offer the repairing structures with thorough preparation of the intervention as well as safe and dependable implementation. Only by conducting the appropriate repair at the appropriate time while taking into account the requisite residual design life can save whole life cost optimization.

Different Options

Our company deals with sagging floors, inadequate beams, and basement walls that are leaking and caving in. Moreover, we tackle the jobs that other contractors don’t have the expertise to offer these services.

So, by providing each inspection, appraisal, design & build package or by helping you with targeted interventions, MBK maybe your partner throughout all stages of a repair project. Every restoration project can reap from a global approach since it minimizes the chance of delays and cost overruns by reducing interfaces between various contractors.

We self-perform key tasks and use our in-house engineering expertise to provide the optimum solution using a wide range of technologies, goods, and techniques.

Fast-track repair projects frequently need designers, contractors, and owners to make decisions concurrently. Additionally, we can respond to often changing findings throughout the project stages of working as a team with our clients in a relationship of trust, and we may modify our solution strategy to provide real value for the money.

MBK provides creative solutions that meet the highest quality standards while taking into account the limitations of each specific job. We will work with you throughout the entire process from inspection to final completion to ensure the best outcome and mitigate risks to the extent possible.

In summary, by directing your structural repair project to MBK, you can enjoy a multi-layered solution from a team of experts with years of experience, a passion for what they do, and a commitment to excellence!

Additionally, we are available, easy to reach, and quick to respond. Give us a call today for any of your carpentry needs.