Foundation Work

Need some foundation work done?

Whether you are looking to replace your basement walls, convert a crawlspace to a basement, build a retaining wall, have new foundations for an addition installed, need concrete work or masonry done you have come to the right place.

MBK Constructors not only does this work for our own customers we do this for other contractors as one of our specialties.

Owner Mike Hagen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Engineering from Lawrence Technological University and a Masters Degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan.

And years 30 years of personal experience that is essential when solving foundational issues. Mike makes sure the work is done right so you can have the confidence that your investment will last for many years.

Not sure where to start? Contact us to set up an appointment or to discuss your project, we love to speak with our neighbors about our lifework.

 A Few Examples of Foundation Projects


“The experience of the remodel was a gratifying and growth-promoting one for me, and now we have this beautiful house to live in.” Jeanette S. (Ann Arbor)

Jeanette S.

“Happy New Year Mike! Sally and I are very impressed with our new garage/workshop, and we know that we will be enjoying the new space  for many years to come.” Helmut B. (Chelsea)

Helmut B.

“The kitchen is great. The additional window makes an amazing difference and we are pleased with how everything else came together.”Catherine S.

Catherine S.

“We appreciate your work on our house, and we felt your guys were awesome on the job site. I appreciate their pride in the work” Kevin F. (Ann Arbor)

Kevin F.

“The work is excellent, and we are very happy with it. MBK took care of every detail along the way, and accommodated our needs in scheduling work to be done.” Barbara L. (Ann Arbor)

Barbara L.




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