Outdoor Kitchen Services Glossary

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Hardscaping: Hardscaping refers to all nonliving aspects of landscape design, including structures such as walls, pathways and other features that help integrate natural environments.

Masonry: Masonry refers to a material composed of brick, stone and/or concrete used for building structures such as patios and fireplaces.

Parging: Applying a thin coating of mortar over the surface of a masonry wall for both decorative and protective purposes.

Outdoor kitchens require both plumbing and electrical access in order to function, so their placement must take this into consideration. This could involve sharing an exterior wall of the home or digging a trench to bring these utilities onto site.

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Outdoor Kitchen – An outdoor cooking and dining area typically equipped with appliances such as a grill, refrigerator, and sink, designed for outdoor entertaining.

Built-in Grill – A grill that is permanently installed into an outdoor kitchen or cooking area.

Patio – An outdoor area adjoining a house, typically paved and used for dining or recreation.

Deck – A flat, elevated surface, often made of wood or composite materials, attached to a house and used as a living space.

Outdoor Sink – A sink installed in an outdoor kitchen for washing dishes and food preparation.

Outdoor Refrigerator – A refrigerator designed for outdoor use, often built with weather-resistant materials.

Outdoor Bar – A bar area in an outdoor kitchen or patio, typically equipped with seating for guests.Please feel free to contact us about Construction Terms or any other questions. We are here now and ready to answer.
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Pergola – A structure with an open roof, often used as a shaded sitting area in an outdoor space.

Outdoor Lighting – Lighting fixtures designed for outdoor use to illuminate the outdoor kitchen area.

Outdoor Fireplace – A fireplace designed for outdoor use, often used for heating and ambiance.

Outdoor Kitchen Services Glossary

Outdoor Pizza Oven – A specialized oven designed for cooking pizzas outdoors, typically made of brick or stone.

Outdoor Entertainment System – Audio and visual equipment designed for outdoor use, such as speakers and televisions.

Outdoor Cabinets – Cabinets designed for outdoor use, often made of weather-resistant materials such as stainless steel or teak.

Outdoor Flooring – Flooring materials suitable for outdoor use, such as concrete, stone, or composite decking.

Outdoor Heating – Heating solutions for outdoor spaces, such as fire pits, patio heaters, or radiant heaters.

Outdoor Dining Set – Furniture designed for outdoor dining, typically including a table and chairs made of weather-resistant materials.

Outdoor Barbecue Island – A freestanding or built-in structure in an outdoor kitchen that houses a grill and other cooking appliances.
Please feel free to contact us about Construction Terms or any other questions. We are here now and ready to answer.
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Outdoor Kitchen Design – The process of planning and creating an outdoor kitchen layout and features to meet the homeowner’s needs and preferences.

Outdoor Kitchen Contractor – A professional who specializes in designing and building outdoor kitchens, often working with homeowners to create customized outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor Kitchen Accessories – Additional features and enhancements for outdoor kitchens, such as storage solutions, countertop materials, and decorative elements.

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