Deck and Patio Services Glossary

Decks are raised outdoor living spaces usually attached to a house. A patio typically consists of a concrete slab in your backyard; while deck installation can be more complex due to additional safety and architectural considerations.

Before embarking on your deck project, make sure you understand these key terms so you can achieve optimal results with our Deck and Patio services glossary.

Fascia boards support gutter systems in any home and should be regularly maintained to prevent debris build-up and rot. Inspect the fascia regularly for any damage and address any problems immediately.

Fascia refers to a collagenous-based network that wraps and separates each structure within the human body, creating continuity while giving structure and function to all organs and tissues. Medical researchers have recently broadened the definition of fascia to encompass any network with similar qualities; there’s nothing special or unique about any one network forming fascia; all similar networks make up fascia.

Hurricane Tie
Hurricane ties are designed to protect wooden structures against uplift forces caused by high winds. Also referred to as rafter or truss ties, hurricane ties play an integral part of any structure’s continuous load path and help protect walls from spreading during high winds.

Builders and contractors have traditionally relied on hurricane ties to attach trusses or rafters to top plates of walls or roofs, which was time-consuming as each nail needed to be individually driven in by hand. Now there is an easier and stronger method for creating long-term connections: electrical glue!

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Joist Hanger
Joist hangers are galvanized metal pieces designed to attach joists to ledgers and beams. Available with various coating options to accommodate different types of lumber, they provide support between each joist.

Joist hangers offer more accuracy and stability in deck framing applications, and can bear greater loads. In addition, these decorative details may serve double duty.

Straddle joist hangers provide the ideal alignment of two joists by cradling each of them individually. These hangers can be attached with screws or nails, and come equipped with adjustable lock plates for secure attachment.

Ledger Board
Ledger boards are pieces of pressure-treated or naturally rot-resistant lumber used to connect decks to houses. Ledger boards may also consist of engineered wood products like composite, plywood or oriented strand board (OSB).

Metal flashing should be used when mounting ledgers to concrete foundation walls to keep water from infiltrating the home, which is more costly but durable and will prevent wood rot that could compromise both home and deck.

Fasten a ledger securely to a rim joist using minimum 1/2″ staggered lag screws, such as those provided by our supplier.

Post Cap
Post caps provide an effective means of shielding posts from the elements and moisture damage, helping reduce and sometimes stop wood deterioration that would normally enter through its top surface.

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Base Adapter
DECK-O-DRAIN can be attached to this base adapter to provide a gradual slope to drain excess water away from deck and patio areas.

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Base Leveler
Deck support pedestals need a base that compensates for slope in order to create a level surface, making use of levelers can help.

Patios provide outdoor gathering spaces, similar to decks. But instead of being constructed out of lumber, patios tend to be constructed out of materials like pavers, stones or stamped concrete – similar to decks in that they sit at ground level and often require site work such as running utilities for grills or watering systems.

Deciduous oak or hebe trees shed their leaves during winter, as well as plants or shrubs without petals such as an abelia or hebe.

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Batten Strip

Batten strips are specially designed to reseal any joint in a walk-in freezer, which helps slow panel damage while increasing longevity by three to five years. By keeping warm air and condensation out of the freezer compartment, batten strips also prevent ice formation while improving appearance.

Planning your batten strip project correctly means having a clear vision of where each piece will go on your wall. Even minor measurements could result in uneven spacing of boards that makes your wall appear unfinished and crooked; make sure your measurements are precise by using a tape measure for accurate readings.

A beam is an essential structural element in timber framed buildings, used to support both bending and shear loads and can come in various cross-section shapes.

The optimal beam span for decks depends on several factors such as lumber type and expected load; for instance, glulam and parallam beams allow for longer spans than standard joists.

Rails provide an essential safety barrier and handhold for people climbing stairs or walking along elevated surfaces, so be sure to consult local building codes to make sure your railings meet them all.

Rim Joist
Rim joists are pieces of wood used to support foundation walls and support weight of walls above them, helping form the floor structure in homes. Together with outer joists they provide structural integrity.

Uninsulated rim joists in cold climates cause considerable heat loss, leaving floors feeling drafty and raising energy bills. And in humid environments, moisture collects within framing materials, leading to mold growth and rot.

Insulating rim joists is one of the best ways to protect them from moisture damage, such as water stains or musty odors, and should be seen as an indicator that additional insulation needs to be added.

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