Glossary of Construction Terms Used in Home Construction, Home Improvements, and Home Remodeling.

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Terms used in Aging in Place & Special Needs Remodeling, Basement Remodeling A Brand New Look at an Old Option, Design and Build Home Remodeling, Foundation Service, Green Building & Sustainability, Kitchen And Bath Remodeling, Structural Repair, Total Home Remodeling, and Egress Windows.

Tab Shingles
Roofing shingles that are typically rectangular and separated by slots to form individual tabs.

Tack Coat
A thin bituminous liquid used to ensure a bond between old and new pavement layers.

The process of compacting soil, gravel, or concrete through downward pressure or blows.

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Construction glossary term - Tamping
Construction glossary term - Tempered Glass

The process of sliding one section of a material into another in a way that allows for extension or reduction in length.

Tempered Glass
Glass that has been treated with heat or chemicals to increase its strength and safety.

A strip fastened to the floor beneath a door, usually required to cover the joint where two types of floor materials meet.

Thrust Block
A mass of concrete or other material placed in a pipeline system to resist movement at a bend or junction.

Tie Beam
A horizontal beam connecting two rafters at the ridge of a roof, providing reinforcement against spreading.

Tilt-Up Construction
A building technique where concrete panels are cast on-site and then raised into position to form walls.

Tongue and Groove
A joint where a protruding edge (tongue) fits into a matching recessed part (groove) in another piece.

Top Plate
Horizontal structure member located at the top of wall studs.

A cross arm in a cross-shaped church, perpendicular to the nave.

The horizontal part of a stair step.

A beam or joist used to support a header at an opening in a floor or roof.

A technique used in masonry to repair mortar joints between bricks or stones by filling them with fresh mortar.

A small tower at the corner of a building or castle, often decorative.

Twist Drill
A tool used to bore holes in various materials, consisting of a cylindrical steel rod with a cutting edge.

A brand of synthetic, water-resistant, and air-permeable material used in building construction as a protective barrier.

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