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Excavation Services Glossary

Excavation: The process of digging, removing, and relocating earth or soil.

Trenching: Digging long, narrow excavations typically used for pipelines, utilities, or foundations.

Grading: Leveling or shaping the land surface during excavation to achieve the desired slope or contour.

Backfilling: Refilling an excavated area with soil or other materials after the desired work has been completed.

Shoring: Installing support structures, such as braces or walls, to prevent cave-ins or collapses during excavation.

Sloping: Gradually angling the sides of an excavation to minimize the risk of collapse.

Excavator: Heavy machinery used for digging and moving earth during excavation


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Spoil: Excess soil or material removed from an excavation site.

Cut and Fill: The process of excavating soil from one area (cut) and using it to fill another area (fill) to achieve the desired grade.

Compaction: The process of compressing soil or backfill material to increase its density and stability.

Bench: A step-like excavation configuration used to prevent soil erosion and provide stability.

Topsoil: The upper layer of soil containing organic matter, often removed and stockpiled during excavation for later use.

Subgrade: The natural soil or prepared surface on which construction or excavation activities take place.

Over-excavation: Digging deeper than necessary to allow for adequate backfilling or placement of utilities.

Underground Utilities: Pipes, cables, or conduits buried beneath the ground, often requiring careful excavation to avoid damage.

Please feel free to contact us about Construction Terms or any other questions. We are here now and ready to answer.

Shoring Box: A protective structure placed in an excavation to support the surrounding soil and prevent collapse.

Dewatering: Removing water from an excavation site using pumps or drainage systems to keep the area dry for work to proceed.

Excavation Permit: A legal document obtained from local authorities granting permission to perform excavation work.

Excavation Safety: Practices and regulations aimed at minimizing risks and hazards associated with excavation operations.

Excavation Contractor: A professional or company specializing in excavation services, including planning, execution, and site management.

Excavation Permit: A permit requried for excavation work.

Excavation Depth: The depth of an excavation measured from the surface to the bottom.

Please feel free to contact us about Construction Terms or any other questions. We are here now and ready to answer.

Rock Hammer: A tool used to break up rock or concrete during excavation.

Ditch Witch: A brand of trenching machine used for digging trenches.

Toe Drains: Drains placed at the bottom of a slope to remove groundwater.

Overburden: The soil or rock overlying a mineral deposit or excavation site.

Pit Excavation: Excavating a large, deep hole for foundations or utilities.

Gabion: A wire cage filled with rocks used for erosion control.

Excavation Footprint: The area of land affected by excavation activities.

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