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A Basement Remodel or Basement Home Improvement project typically refers to taking an unused, underutilized, part of a Basement, or the entire Basement, and transforming it into an area where Family Members will gather.

These new living spaces are often used for entertainment, pursuing creative interests, health, and exercise, or to simply be close together when pursuing any variety of interests. An unfinished basement is like a blank slate, it is a dim, empty space with endless design and functionality potential.

But of course, it can also be a finished basement with room for more specific improvements or a design makeover.

And it can also be a source of income when constructed as a basement apartment with a separate entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and utilities. This is especially attractive to parents with adult children still living at home. It provides for a real-world exercise in economics, responsibility, planning, and much more.

Perhaps the most important use

A Basement Apartment can serve as a perfect place for the seniors in our family to live out their last years in dignity, comfort, and close to the ones they love and those who love them. Study after study clearly indicates the benefits of this close proximity family structure can not be overstated.

Other Points to keep in mind when planning a Basement Remodel

Legal Permits
It is important to understand Basement Remodeling projects call for permits. And the costs vary widely and are heavily dependent on the Estimated Project Cost.

Making structural improvements such as installing a dry well can be a part of Basement Remodeling. The last thing anyone wants to discover is inadequate drainage after the completion of a basement remodel.

And while torrential rain events may be infrequent, as longtime Ann Arbor residents ourselves, we are fully aware they do happen. An interesting read on Historical Ann Arbor Precipitation Data can be found here.

Egress Window (Emergency Escape and Rescue Opening)
It is also important to understand that Ann Arbor building codes require at least 1 Egress Window or (Emergency Escape and Rescue Opening). And the number of Egress Windows is defined by the design/layout. A basement with bedrooms will require at least one Egress Window or Door approved for emergency escape or rescue which needs to open directly to a public street, public alley, yard, or court.

Check HVAC Capabilities
Often a home’s heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems may have been installed depending on upper-level requirements. MBK under certain circumstances recommends an HVAC contractor verify that you also have the right equipment to serve the basement. Otherwise, you could reduce the equipment’s life span. And have higher fuel consumption rates compared to a system built for both the basement and upper floors.

Radon Testing
Radon gas is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Therefore, we recommend testing. This is a low-cost, and easy-to-perform DIY task that is well worth the peace of mind.

In conclusion
Basement Remodeling or Basement finishing makes the space much more useful for your family. A lower-level remodel will transform the functionality/usefulness of your home. A finished basement ensures your home’s lower level does not go to waste.

And besides expanding your home’s functional square feet, finishing a basement can significantly boost the property’s value with an average return of 75 cents for every dollar invested.

A before and after image of a basement remodel it's very dramatic from cols dimconcrete walls and floor to abright and warm family room

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