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Glossary of Construction Terms Used in Home Construction, Home Improvements, and Home Remodeling.

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Terms used in Aging in Place & Special Needs Remodeling, Basement Remodeling A Brand New Look at an Old Option, Design and Build Home Remodeling, Foundation Service, Green Building & Sustainability, Kitchen And Bath Remodeling, Structural Repair, Total Home Remodeling, and Egress Windows.

Kapok Insulation
A type of insulation material made from the fibers of the kapok tree, known for its lightweight and thermal properties.

The cut or channel made by a saw blade or cutting tool.

A slot formed or cut in one piece to receive a key that prevents relative movement of parts and allows forces to be transferred.

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Construction glossary term - Kapok Tree
Construction glossary term - Kickout Flashing

A central stone at the summit of an arch, locking the whole together.

Kick Plate
A protective metal plate installed on the lower part of a door to resist wear.

Kickout Flashing
Flashing that diverts water away from a building, typically at a roof end.

A furnace or oven for drying, burning, or baking materials like brick, tile, and lumber.

Kiln-Dried Lumber
Lumber that has been dried in a kiln to remove moisture.

King Post
A central vertical post used in roof trusses.

King Stud
A structural member in wall framing located at the sides of a window or door opening.

Knee Brace
A diagonal brace to strengthen an angle in a structure.

Knee Wall
A short wall, often used to support roof rafters.

Knock-Down (KD) Fittings
Fittings used to assemble and disassemble furniture quickly.

A removable piece in an electrical box or other container, designed to accommodate additional wiring or piping.

A German term for a decorative cutting or shaping of beams and timbers, particularly in timber framing.

Kraft Paper
Heavy paper used as a moisture barrier in walls.

Kuhlmann Test
A test method for determining the suitability of a wood preservative.

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