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Glossary of Construction Terms Used in Home Construction, Home Improvements, and Home Remodeling.

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Terms used in Aging in Place & Special Needs Remodeling, Basement Remodeling A Brand New Look at an Old Option, Design and Build Home Remodeling, Foundation Service, Green Building & Sustainability, Kitchen And Bath Remodeling, Structural Repair, Total Home Remodeling, and Egress Windows.

A gable is the triangular upper part of a wall at the end of a ridged roof. Gables are not only significant for their architectural aesthetics, enhancing the appearance of a building, but they also play a functional role in shedding water and providing space for attic rooms or vaulted ceilings. The design of gables can vary widely, from simple and unadorned to highly ornate, depending on the architectural style.

In construction, a girder is a large beam that supports other structural elements in a building, bridge, or other structures. Girders are typically made of steel, reinforced concrete, or wood and are crucial in distributing weight and loads across a structure. They differ from regular beams in their size and capacity; girders are typically larger and designed to support heavier loads, making them essential for structural integrity in large-scale construction.

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Construction glossary term - Girder
Construction glossary term - Grout

Glazing in construction refers to the installation of glass in windows, doors, and other openings in a building. It is a crucial element in controlling light, heat, and sound within a structure. Glazing technology has advanced significantly, with options such as double-glazing and triple-glazing providing better insulation, reducing energy costs, and improving comfort. Specialty glazing can also offer additional features like impact resistance, UV protection, and noise reduction.

Grout is a dense fluid used in construction for filling gaps, particularly in tiling, to secure tiles in place and prevent moisture and debris from penetrating beneath. Grout is typically a mixture of water, cement, and sand, and may include colorants and additives for increased durability and mold resistance. The application of grout requires skill to ensure a neat finish and long-lasting results. It is also important in maintaining the structural integrity and appearance of tiled surfaces.

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